Friday 6 September 2019

Reflecting on #altc 2019

Assocation for Learning Technology

On the 4th February 2019 I received an email from Maren Deepwell titled Keynote invitation: ALT Conference 2019. It said:

Dear Sue 

Together with the Conference Co-Chairs, Melissa Highton, Louise Jones and Keith Smyth, I am now writing to invite you to keynote at ALT's 2019 Annual Conference, which takes place 3-5 September in Edinburgh, UK -

We think what your work and what you have to say would really resonate with our community and contribute to the critical dialogue we seek to foster on technology in education and its political, social and economic context. We are particularly keen to look at the big picture across sectors and find common challenges.  

Previous keynote speakers include  Tressie MacMillan Cottom, Peter Goodyear, Si├ón Bayne, Bonnie Stewart, Audrey Watters, Ian Livingstone, Josie Fraser and Laura Czerniewicz. 

My initial reaction was that Maren had accidently sent this to the wrong Sue and I did respond to check with her! She quickly confirmed the email was meant for me, and I told her I would be honoured to accept the invitation. In a follow up call with Maren and Martin Hawksey, I was blown away when I saw the venue for the event. 

The conference was to be held at McEwan Hall in Edinburgh

ALT Conference 2019

My keynote had the title "Revisiting the affordances and consequences of digital interconnectedness and socially mediated publicness" (Note to self: choose a short snappy title I can actually remember for future talks!)

Highlights of the conference

Frances Bell was awarded Honorary Lifelong Member of ALT for the amazing work she has done for ALT and the community.
The amazing #shoetweets of which there were many!

Chris Bull took so many exceptional photos which captured the heart of the conference. The full album of photos expertly taken by Chris can be found in the ALT Conference 2019 Flickr album 

Suffice to say this was an experience of a lifetime and I am so grateful to Maren and colleagues for giving me this opportunity and having such faith in me to deliver a keynote. 

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