Sunday 14 April 2013

Professional Personal Learning Networks

This article in Teach Thought (which I recommend you follow) provides an excellent list of tips and ideas to get started or develop your personal learning network. These inlcude

The article also includes a list of resources. I was both surprised and thrilled to find that a presentation I had given with my colleague David Walker was included. This presentation was given at the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) Conference. 

Using social media to develop your own personal learning network from Sue Beckingham

Social Media has played a huge part in developing my own personal learning network. Some recommendations I would make would be to:

  • Ensure you create a clear bio that says what your areas of interest are and include a link to your blog, LinkedIn profile or website.
  • Upload a photograph of yourself. People find it harder to engage with an egghead or other default avatar.
  • Don't be frightened to just listen to conversations in social media channels initially, but do go on to raise questions or respond ones raised.

Further information about getting started with social media can be found on my Social Media blog at I'd love to hear your comments on any of the posts on there. 

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