Saturday 4 January 2014

Top e-Learning Movers and Shakers in 2013

Listly is a space to make lists - from baby lists to bucket lists and everything in between. It is described as a tool which bloggers, content creators and publishers use to increase user engagement, get found, and distribute their content to a wider audience. Shared lists invite viewers to vote up items or people on the list. 

In recent months I have seen increased use of Listly in the education field, where people have been listed. Two examples are:

The Edublog Awards

I was thrilled to be added to both of these Listly lists.

It has made me ponder upon how this tool could be used to create other useful educational lists. My first thoughts are curating my own personal lists of useful apps, educational websites, blogs etc. Very much along the lines of the Edublog collection of list categories, but containing my own choices.

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