Saturday 16 January 2016

#BYOD4L Day 5 - Creating and being Creative

A creative evening creating

The final #BYOD4Lchat was led by Chrissi Nerantzi and Alex Spiers. Early in the day the daily blog post was posted and this included some 'homework'. The logos of a few apps can be seen in the image below. 

Whilst I love creativity I have never developed the skill of drawing or painting, however I do like to dabble in the abstract and have found that the apps now available can provide inspiration to do this. Don't get me wrong, my creations are truly very basic (see the one at the top of this post), but the process of making can stimulate my thinking and reflecting. Many never see the light of day! 

In response to the the BYOD4L challenge I created and shred this visual. On the left I aimed to depict the connections I had made and opportunities to do so through following the tweets containing #BYOD4L and #BYOD4Lchat. Irrespective of whether participants followed each other, within Twitter it is possible to communicate and many short exchanges took place. Some of these led on to further dialogue and I observed quite a few that resulted in colloborations. Some of these were then curations of the conversations taking place within the chats, as well as shared resources created. 

It was a thought provoking exercise as it highlighted that the linear approach to the 5Cs (connecting, communicating, curating, collaborating and creating) is one way of using the framework, however in reality if we reflect on the way we use social spaces it is more likely to be a zig zag and intertwined approach that we take.     

What was most enjoyable about the activity was Task 2 and that was to look at and comment on the creations of the BYOD4L community shared during the tweetchat. Kandy admitted she had not had time to do the homework and then using the Bamboo Paper app came up with this brilliant creation! It just goes to show what we can do when given the encouragement to do so. 

The activity was great fun. I'm now pondering on how I can use some of these ideas in my own teaching. There are so many free apps that can be used to sketch, draw, and even annotate photos and images. How the use of visuals can be used to express ideas, concepts or reflections is limitless, or at least as far as out imaginations will take us. 

I love that we can now be both creative and co-create with others online. It extends the possibilities of working together to take seeds of ideas and turn them into innovative reality.

The ecosystem of the social age

Julian Stodd has written a post called 'A Guide to the Social Age' which I highly recommend. His work goes hand in glove with an array of visuals that highlight his thoughts. This sketch resonates with me as Julian refers to storytelling and reminds us that this is an activity that can be co-created. There are many examples where we can build on the stories of others and add our own experiences and reflections. What makes this so different today is the ease and speed we can share stories with others, through social media. 

Storytelling can be augmented with images, video and audio - all created from our own devices be this a tablet, laptop or even a smartphone. 
"The ‘Broadcast’ model of communication has been trumped by the co-creation of stories that are themselves co-owned." (Stodd 2016)
Julian Stodd 2016

BYOD4L Summary

Chrissi created this wonderful summary of BYOD4L capturing some wonderful highlights of the week many created by the participants taking part.


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