Saturday 30 April 2016

Shareology and Social Media - Invited Speaker at the University of Sussex TEL Seminar Series

On 27th April I had the great pleasure and privilege as an invited Guest to lead a seminar on the use of social media in academia. Inspired by a book I had recently read called Shareology, I looked at how we are using social media to share, what value this can bring and some of the hurdles that can sometimes get in the way. 

Below is the Slideshare presentation I gave

Shareology and Social Media in Academia #SussexTEL from Sue Beckingham

Prior to, during and after the event participants (both present and those engaging virtually) shared comments, thoughts and questions via Twitter adding the event hashtag #SussexTEL. These were curated by the Sussex TEL Team using Storify. The 'story' can be found below.  

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