Thursday 26 January 2017

A virtual presentation at #BETT2017 in a 3D Lecture Theatre using @mirradorltd’s ALiS Online #ALiSOnline

This post shares the presentation I gave virtually at #BETT2017. The topic was 'Using social media for learning and teaching'. Below you can view a recording of this presentation and experience the fantastic virtual space it took place in. The interactive talk takes place in a 3D  Lecture Theatre, and was followed by live conversations and networking in a 3D Gallery environment. Here the artifacts on display were individual slides from my presentation. 

The sessions in this space can be very interactive, encouraging participants to ask questions using a mic or through text. There is also a feature that allows you to create polls.

A big thanks to Dr Richard Pountney who invited me to present and both Andys from ALiS Online. I'd initially been quite cautious about virtual spaces having had a quite strange and uncomfortable experience in Second Life. However this was totally different. The software is very intuitive and takes you directly to the Lecture Theatre, with the added option of going into the Gallery to talk to participants. I can see this being a great space to help students build confidence presenting to others. 

The slides are also available on SlideShare


ALiS Online at BETT

In association with Sheffield Institute of Education (SIoE), ALiS Online have put together a fantastic programme of immersive and interactive 'Expert Sessions' and 'Ambassador Tours'. which will take place daily at 11am & 3pm respectively during the Bett Show 2017 To find out more follow ALiS Online on Twitter and visit

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